All your questions about Andrew & Everett, answered!

Yes, all of our products are produced in gluten free environments and are 3rd party tested to be below the lowest measurable level.
Our products do contain Milk. Andrew & Everett cheese is produced in small batches and made the first run of the day in each of the facilities to ensure no possible cross-contamination.
The cows are free range and grass fed. In the winter months they are supplemented with foliage (Hay).
Yes, our butter products are kosher certified, and our Baby Swiss wheel and new Melting cheese is kosher too; However, our other cheese items are not kosher.
All of our products are Made in the USA, and in fact most of our products are proudly made in Wisconsin!!
This question goes to the heart of our Andrew & Everett philosophy; For over a decade, Andrew & Everett cheeses have been made with the freshest rBGH-BST hormone free milk from cows raised on family owned US self-sustaining farms by 3rd & 4th generation cheese makers. Andrew & Everett cheeses are fresh and clean, made with rigorous sourcing and production standards, though it is NOT certified organic. Our mission is to provide consumers with a high-quality cheese that is not only markedly better than conventional options, but also an everyday value vs. typically high priced organic alternatives.
Not currently, though our cheese is sourced locally from where the cows are raised and we are working with 3rd & 4th generation dairy farmers where their fields have been planted long before the development of GMO seeds. Although not 3rd party verified, our farmers believe that there are no GMO’s in the grass & forage sourcing of the dairy cows.
Yes, you can freeze our cheese, except for shredded mozzarella, we do not recommend freezing that, as it will tend to separate and clump due to the higher moisture in the cheese.
A definite NO, our American cheese is the real deal, incredibly special, as it’s a unique blend of aged Cheddar cheese and aged Monterey Jack cheese, no scraps or trim thrown in!